Where does the money raised go?
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The money raised goes directly to legal costs associated with the case. The Case Page should give you specific information about the case and what the funds are needed for. CrowdJustice does not investigate how funds are used.

A Case Owner must have a lawyer, and the money raised on CrowdJustice will be paid directly to the lawyer’s client account. Money in a client account is held by the lawyer for the Case Owner. This provides an added layer of comfort that the money backers raise for a Case Owner will be accounted for and used as promised. In the case of charities and non-profits raising funds for legal cases or projects, funds raised can be transferred directly to the organisation.

Under special circumstances, CrowdJustice may elect to support fundraising which supplements a legal case. In these situations it will be clearly stated on the case page what activities are being crowdfunded for in addition to the legal case.

In all cases, Case Owners are responsible for the money raised. It’s the Case Owner’s responsibility to account to backers as to how the money is spent, and to keep in touch with backers about the objectives achieved.

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