With CrowdJustice you can raise funds publicly from a community of backers, or from a close network with an invitation-only private fundraising page.

Public fundraising: Your page will be available on a shareable link for the public to see. The key is to share the page far and wide through social media, email etc. This is a great option when you not only want to raise funds, but spread the word about your case too.

Private fundraising: Your page will be completely private and only accessible to those who you invite via email. This option is useful for raising funds amongst your network, and to maintain privacy if you have a more sensitive legal matter (e.g. family or employment law).

In the video below, our Head of Campaigns, Matthew, talks though the differences between public and private fundraising.

Public vs Private Fundraising - Key Information

Should I choose public or private fundraising?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. However, depending on the nature of your matter, your lawyer may advise on whether this is an issue you can raise funds for publicly or if you should create a private fundraising page.

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