Yes, registered charities and non-profits can raise funds for legal cases or projects! You can also offer backers the chance to opt-in to join your regular mailing list.

Unlike other platforms, we perform sanctions checks on all donations being processed through the platform so you can be sure that all funds will be compliant with AML obligations.

Can we claim Gift Aid on CrowdJustice donations?

Gift Aid eligible charities can opt in to claim Gift Aid on the full value of all pledges made on the CrowdJustice platform.

When your page is live, everyone who pledges is asked if they’re a UK taxpayer. We will collect the relevant Gift Aid declaration details.

Seven working days after the end of a successful campaign, we will email you your Gift Aid report with the details of the backers who have elected to fill in a Gift Aid declaration, in exactly the format you will need to upload it to HMRC.

You can then submit this file to HMRC online to claim the Gift Aid on the contributions from those backers. Your charity will need a login with HMRC to be able to do so.

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