The individuals who’ve already given to your campaign are your biggest supporters, and you can use our platform to blind-email them, which means you can’t see their names and emails, but our system will send whatever email you compose to all of them.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log in here. You’ll wind up on your dashboard.
  2. Click “Email Your Backers.”
  3. Once in, click “Draft New Email.” You’ll be able to choose a “from” name, create a subject, and of course type the body text.
  4. “Submit for approval” when you’re done, and we’ll send it out to everyone!

When should you email them? Some good options are…

  • At the end of your campaign’s first day
  • 48 hrs in
  • At the end of your first week
  • At the start of your final week
  • With 48 hrs remaining
  • With 24 hrs remaining

What should you say? Always start with a “thank you” and then, depending on how things are going, you might…

  • Ask them to share your link on social media
  • Ask them to forward this email to 5 friends
  • Provide them with a case update to keep them involved
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