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What happens if there are funds left over?
What happens if there are funds left over?
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We have a clear Unused Funds policy which you can find in full in our Terms and Conditions, which applies to funds raised through our platform for the purposes of your legal fees.

In short, should there be remaining funds left over from the money raised through your crowdfunding campaign, it is your responsibility as the Case Owner to return these funds to CrowdJustice. We then undertake the Unused Funds process outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

The Case Owner (you or the group you represent) can then donate the balance to an Approved Cause. An Approved Cause is either an existing or a new case (up to one year in the future) on CrowdJustice, or our current nominated charity which is the Access to Justice Foundation.

In the case where funds raised are going to a non-profit or charity organisation, unused funds can be kept by the organisation for their general purposes.

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