Will I get my money back?
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Can I get a refund?

In general, there are no refunds.

There are some limited circumstances where the Case Owner does not use all the funds raised on the site for their case or recovers some of their costs.

When that happens, the Case Owner returns those "surplus" or unused funds to the site. (Unless the Case Owner is a charity or non-profit, in which case, the charity or NGO retains any surplus for its general charitable purposes).

After funds are returned to CrowdJustice, if you contributed more than £1,000 to the case, and the Case Owner is not a charity, you will be given the opportunity to request the amount of your donation back. If you elect to do so, your donation will be returned to you, on a pro rata basis (which means it might be less, but will never be more, than the amount you gave).

If there are unused funds at the end of the case, we have a simple mechanism in place. Namely, the Case Owner returns unused funds to CrowdJustice, and can choose another, similar case on CrowdJustice to donate the funds to or the Case Owner can choose to donate the funds to a designated charity dedicated to furthering access to justice.

Can I cancel my pledge?

In some cases, if your card has not yet been charged (e.g. if the campaign is still in the initial target period), we may be able to cancel your pledge. We cannot always guarantee that this action can be performed in time but we will do our very best. Please contact our Support Team as soon as you can to request this.

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