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Can I edit my CrowdJustice page after it has gone live?
Can I edit my CrowdJustice page after it has gone live?
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Can I edit the text of my CrowdJustice page?

Before your page is submitted for approval, you can edit it as many times as you like. Please make sure you are happy with the content as you won’t be able to edit the page once it has been submitted for approval.

Live pages cannot be edited in order to maintain transparency for backers who have already donated.

For public pages: Case Owners can add updates which will appear in the green box at the top of the case page. Adding updates is a great way to keep your backers informed of any news or progress relating to your case. Find out how to do this here.

Can I change my funding target?

Once the page is live, you cannot change your initial target. However, the stretch target is completely flexible - just contact our Support Team to request the change. Learn more about targets here.

How do I close my CrowdJustice page?

When you want to end your campaign simply get in touch with us and we will close your page for you and notify your backers via email.

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