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We wanted to let you know that we’re closing our USA platform on April 12, 2019.

It’s been a tough decision to close and we’re hugely grateful for the generosity and passion that our community of Case Owners and Backers have shown whilst coming together to affect change through the law. At CrowdJustice, we remain committed to increasing access to justice for all and will continue to do so through our UK platform.

Thank you.

The CrowdJustice Team

1) Why are you closing CrowdJustice in the US?

After launching in the US in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, we’ve learned a lot but decided for the time being to go back to our UK roots. 

We’ve been focusing intensively on the UK over the last six months and have been innovating heavily in this space.

We’re finding that as our platform evolves, operating in more than one significant legal jurisdiction would slow us down, so we have decided to focus on our UK offering for now. You can read more about this on our blog.

2) When is the last date that donations can be made?

June 12, 2019, is the last date you can make donations to live CrowdJustice campaigns on our US site. Our UK site will remain open for donations and you can view live cases here.

3) I have a live campaign on CrowdJustice, what will happen to my page after June 12, 2019?

Donations can still be made until midnight on June 12, 2019. After that we’ll stop accepting donations and close your page. Your page will remain visible on the CrowdJustice platform and you’ll still be able to post updates and email your Backers until October 12, 2019.

4) Can I transfer my raised funds to another donation site?

This isn’t possible but you can keep collecting donations through CrowdJustice until midnight June 12, 2019. If you’d like to fundraise after that then you’ll need to use another service.

5) How long will you keep my data after CrowdJustice US closes?

We’ll keep any data in line with our Privacy Policy. We will be updating this soon to reflect the closure.

6) Are you accepting new campaigns?

No - we’re no longer accepting new campaigns. It is no longer possible to submit a US campaign on CrowdJustice.

7) What about Case Owners who’ve recently started a campaign?

We’re sorry, but we can’t process any more US campaigns at this time.

8) Can US Backers still make donations to CrowdJustice campaigns?

Campaigns on our UK platform welcome donations from all over the world using any major debit or credit card. As mentioned, US campaigns will only be able to accept donations until June 12, 2019.

8) How will CrowdJustice continue to support access to justice in the future?

In the UK we’ve supported hundreds of people to raise millions of pounds to pay lawyers' fees, to instruct experts and to cover adverse costs exposure and disbursements and will continue to do so.

This certainly isn’t goodbye forever to the USA for us. We know that there is a large market for third party funding for legal matters there, and a huge need for access to justice and equality of arms.

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