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I'm launching a private fundraising page. How can I ensure I hit my target in 30 days?
I'm launching a private fundraising page. How can I ensure I hit my target in 30 days?
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Please note: this article is relevant for private fundraising pages only.

To protect your privacy, your fundraising page is password protected and only people who you invite will be able to view the page and make a donation.

The key to hitting your funding target is simple - focus on getting every potential supporter that you invite to view your page and make a contribution. In order to achieve this, you'll need to follow these six crucial steps:

  1. Build your list of people to contact in advance. Remember you can start adding names right away so you are ready to click send to the group when you want to open the page. You should invite as many people as possible and appropriate.

  2. Focus on the first 14 days. Make sure you have time set aside during this period to send out invitations and follow up with potential supporters - early momentum is key.

  3. Be ready to get the ball rolling. No one gives to an empty pot, so consider making the first donation yourself to start the process. 

  4. Give 10 people a heads up. If you have 10 friends or family members you are confident are going to contribute, make sure you give them a heads up that you are going to be emailing about your fundraising page and ask them if they can commit to giving.

  5. Manage your invitations and follow up with people you know want to support you. Everyone is busy, so make sure you give the people you have invited through CrowdJustice a gentle nudge via text, WhatsApp or in person to open the email and visit the page. 

  6. Track your progress and see who has given. You can track your progress towards your funding target and whether people have contributed or need a reminder by logging into your CrowdJustice page. 

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