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How do I invite people to view and donate to my private CrowdJustice page?
How do I invite people to view and donate to my private CrowdJustice page?
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Please note: this article is relevant for private fundraising pages only.

Your CrowdJustice page is private and only the people you invite get access to it. The most successful fundraising pages line up backers in advance: you can do this by building a list of contacts to ask to donate to your fundraising page as soon as it launches.

Step by Step Guide to Inviting Backers

Follow these steps to invite friends and family to view your page as soon as your fundraising starts:

  1. When you log into your account you will see your Case Owner Dashboard with two tabs: ‘Case’ and ‘Backers’. Click on the ‘Backers’ tab to invite backers to view your CrowdJustice page.


2. When you are in the ‘Backers’ tab, click the ‘Invite new backers’ button on the right-hand side of the screen. 

3. You can invite backers quickly and easily by uploading contacts directly from your email address book - click the green ‘Add from address book’ button to do that. Or you can invite backers individually by adding their information in the spaces provided. Click the green ‘Add person’ + symbol to add more backers.

4. When you have added the people you want to invite to view your page, click the green ‘Send Invitation’ button and your invitations will be scheduled to send when your fundraising page launches.

5. You can invite more people to view your CrowdJustice page at any time by following the steps above. Once your page has launched, if you choose to send more invitations, those invites will be sent out right away.

6. After you have sent invitations out to your backers, you can track who has contributed to your legal fund in the ‘List of backers who have donated’ box.

Please note: For your privacy, you will not have a link to your page that can be shared via social media. Only those who you invite through CrowdJustice (as explained above) will be able to donate.

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