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Do I need to instruct a lawyer before starting my CrowdJustice campaign?
Do I need to instruct a lawyer before starting my CrowdJustice campaign?
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As a platform built for legal, trust and safety for Case Owners and Backers is a priority for us. For this reason, in order to start fundraising on CrowdJustice, we will need to confirm that you:

a) have officially instructed a lawyer that funds raised can be transferred to;
b) have a lawyer who is willing to accept instruction from you, pending funds being raised and transferred*. 

If you are a registered charity or non-profit, you do not need to have a lawyer instructed, as funds can be sent directly to your organisation.

*It’s often possible to instruct a solicitor in principle (i.e. they will represent you after you’ve raised the fees) – as long as we’re able to confirm that instruction, you can raise funds for these fees through CrowdJustice.

Does a lawyer need to review my CrowdJustice page before it launches?

We strongly recommend that your lawyer review your page before launching it.

In some cases, depending on the nature of your legal matter, it may be mandatory for a lawyer to review your page before it goes live. If this is not possible, we have templated language that can be used for your page.

Can you help me find a lawyer or can you recommend one?

Unfortunately,  we can't help with finding a lawyer or with recommending one. 

If you’re having trouble finding legal representation, it may be worth looking at either or You may also wish to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau:

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