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Communicating with and targeting your backers
Communicating with and targeting your backers
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Please note that this article is relevant to public fundraising pages only.

In this video, our Head of Campaigns, Matthew, breaks down the importance of emailing your backers and runs through the data available on your Case Owner Dashboard for targeting your campaigning activity.


How do I email my backers? 

The individuals who’ve already given to your campaign are your biggest supporters, and you can use our platform to blind-email them, which means you can’t see their names and emails, but our system will send whatever email you compose to all of them.

Step by Step

  1. Log in here. You’ll wind up on your Case Owner Dashboard.

  2. Click “Email Backers.”

  3. Once in, click “Draft New Email.” You’ll be able to choose a “from” name, create a subject, and type in the body text.

  4. Click “Send email” when you’re done, and your email will be sent out to your Backers.

Important: Please note that this function may only be used to send updates to your Backers about your case. It may not be used for marketing or other unrelated purposes. Your case may be removed from CrowdJustice and your account disabled if you misuse the email Backers function.

Getting to your Dashboard after log-in:

When should you email your backers? Some good options are…

  • At the end of your campaign’s first day

  • 48 hrs in

  • At the end of your first week

  • At the start of your final week

  • With 48 hrs remaining

  • With 24 hrs remaining

What should you say? Always start with a “thank you” and then, depending on how your fundraising is going, you might…

  • Ask them to share your link on social media

  • Ask them to forward this email to 5 friends

  • Provide them with a case update to keep them involved

How can I post an update on my CrowdJustice page?  

Updates are displayed publicly at the top of your CrowdJustice page. This is a great way to keep your page up to date with the latest news from your campaign or your legal case.

Step by Step

  1. Log in here. You’ll wind up on your Case Owner dashboard.

  2. Click “Page Updates”

  3. Once in, click “Draft a new update now” You’ll be able to choose a title for your update and, of course, type the body text.

  4. You'll first be able to preview your update before clicking "Post Update" to set it live on your page.

When should you post an update? Some good options are…

  • At fundraising milestones, such as 50% funded or 75% funded

  • When you have a real update on the legal case e.g. when papers have been filed or when you have a court date

  • If you have any press articles of pictures/videos related to your campaign that you want to share with those who come to your page


Understanding your campaign stats

At the top of your Case Owner Dashboard, you'll see the Stats tab,  click here to access helpful insights on the performance of your page and your backers. Learn more here.

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