What is the minimum donation amount? 

Our minimum donation is £5. We cannot lower this amount as this threshold is in place to prevent fraud and the use of stolen payment cards.

Can you accept donations from abroad? 

Absolutely. We can accept donations from all all major credit or debit card providers, not matter where in the world your backers are.

Can a backer donate anonymously?

Yes. When your backer makes their pledge, they can choose to remain anonymous so their name will not appear on your page. 

Can my backers get a refund? 

Unfortunately, we're not able to offer refunds to backers as we never hold funds. Funds are processed by our payment processor, Stripe, directly to the recipient (law firm, charity or non-profit).

If their pledge was made during the initial target period and has not yet been charged, we can cancel the pledge. Your backer will need to contact us directly to do this.

In the case where there are unused funds at the end of a case, we will offer those who donated over £1,000 a pro-rata refund as per our Unused Funds Policy.

Help! My backer is having trouble making a pledge. 

We're sorry to hear that your backer is having trouble pledging and we're here to help. The quickest and easiest way to get the issue resolved is for you to ask your backer to get in touch with us directly.

You can also direct them to our Backer FAQs, where we can help to troubleshoot the issue.

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