How do I make a pledge?
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  1. To make a pledge, go to the CrowdJustice page that you want to support and click the orange "Pledge now" button.

2.  On the next page, choose the amount that you want to pledge by clicking on the correct button or enter a custom amount in the white box.

The minimum donation is £5.

3. Enter your details as shown below and feel free to leave a supportive comment for the Case Owner. 

You can also choose the option to remain anonymous. For more information about which of your details are shared with the Case Owner, click here.

If you want hear about other interesting CrowdJustice cases, please tick yes under "Keep me updated". We only send emails out occasionally and only about cases that we think you would be interested in based on your donation history.

4. As a final step, please put in your card details and review your pledge amount to ensure it is correct.

The amount pledged to CrowdJustice is completely optional and editable and goes towards helping us support access to justice for more Case Owners.

Thanks so much for supporting a CrowdJustice campaign!

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