What is CrowdJustice?
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What is CrowdJustice?

We believe that the law should be accessible to everyone.

CrowdJustice is a funding platform where people come together to build support and share the cost of taking legal action.

Our tools make it easier to pay for legal fees and costs – whether you want to raise funds from a broader community, or privately share your story with your close network

How does CrowdJustice work?

We know taking legal action can be stressful. That’s why we’ve made using CrowdJustice as easy as possible. You can set up a page within minutes, launch a campaign within 24 hours, and start raising the funds you need:

  1. Choose public or private. Decide whether you want to share your page publicly or limit access to only invited people. (Learn more about the difference between public and private fundraising here.)

  2. Launch your page. Our support team are on hand with tools and tips to help you make the most of your fundraising page.

  3. Raise money. Seamlessly start collecting pledges. Once you’ve hit your initial fundraising target, funds donated will go directly to your lawyer.

Why use CrowdJustice?

We're built for legal

CrowdJustice is specially tailored for legal action. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we handle compliance issues and transfer funds raised to your lawyer directly – you don’t have to handle cash, and your backers know exactly where funds are going.

We offer public or private funding.

You can share your story and crowdfund publicly from a community of online backers or you can raise funds privately with an invitation-only page.

We'll support your legal journey

We integrate seamlessly into your existing legal journey – from supporting you to raise the funds you need to ensuring that your lawyer is able to accept funds. We’ve seen it all and we’re happy to help.

What can I raise funds for on CrowdJustice?

CrowdJustice can be used to fund all types of legal matters, at every stage of the legal process. We've helped people to raise funds for initial solicitor's advice all the way to taking cases to the Supreme Court. 

Funds can be raised to pay lawyers' fees, court fees, adverse costs, disbursements, or to support legal campaigns.

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