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As you build your CrowdJustice page, you'll be asked to provide a fundraising target in the Campaign Details section. You might be wondering about the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the initial target and stretch target?

  • How long do I have to reach my target?

  • What happens if I do not reach my target?

We use two fundraising targets - the initial target and the stretch target .

The initial target is the initial amount of money you seek in order to take legal action. If the target is not reached within 30 days, cards will not be charged and we do not collect any fees. Once the initial target is met, funds will be transferred to your lawyer (or associated organisation), net of fees & charges within 1-2 weeks

After reaching the initial target, you can choose to move onto a stretch target , which allows you to continue raising funds for your legal action. During the stretch target period, your page will be renewed every 30 days until you ask us to close it down. 

You do not need to reach the full stretch target in order for funds to be collected - all funds pledged towards this target will be collected and transferred to your lawyer/organisation weekly, on a Wednesday.

Please note: your page will not close once you hit your Stretch Target, you will be able to keep accepting donations. If you wish to have a funding limit on your page so that you do not collect more than a certain amount, please let our Support Team know.

How do I choose my target?

When choosing your target we recommend to keep two things in mind:

  1. advice from your lawyer on the cost of the legal action;

  2. the number of donors you will need in order to reach that target. When you enter an amount on your page, our handy campaign calculator will tell you how many donations you'll need in order to reach this sum (based on our average donation size of £35).

Case Owner Tip: Depending on the timeline for their legal action, some Case Owners set a low initial target to ensure they reach it within 30 days. Hitting the initial target enables you to unlock the stretch target period and fundraise for this higher target over a longer period of time. If you want funds to start being sent to your lawyer quickly, this is a good option.

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