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Your CrowdJustice link - what you need to know
Your CrowdJustice link - what you need to know
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Please note: this article is only relevant to public fundraising.

What is my CrowdJustice link and where can I find it?

Your CrowdJustice link is crucial to your campaign - it is the link to your CrowdJustice page that you will need to share in order to spread the word. It allows your Backers to find, share and donate to your page.

When building your page, you can edit your link in the "Campaign Details" section.

Once the page is live, you'll be able to see your link as soon as you log in to your CrowdJustice account and it will be visible on the top of your Case Owner Dashboard.

How can I edit my CrowdJustice link?

Note: you cannot edit your link after your page has gone live.

CrowdJustice will provide you with a default link but you can easily customise this.

When building your page, edit your link by changing the text in the white box (as seen below) found in "Campaign Details". 

When you're happy with the link you can click "copy to clipboard", to enable you to paste the link elsewhere.

How do I choose my CrowdJustice link?

Your link will allow people to both find and share your CrowdJustice page so it's important that it is short and easy to remember.

Let’s have a quick look at two examples:

The second example is much quicker to type and easier for your Backers to remember. The second link also contains a call to action, asking Backers to help with Paul's legal matter.

Once your page is live on your CrowdJustice link, you'll need to start sharing it. Find out more about how to do this here.

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