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In this video, our Head of Campaigns, Matthew explains who you can get the word out about your CrowdJustice page:

How do I share my CrowdJustice campaign?

There are many ways to share your CrowdJustice link and you should use as many of these options as possible to ensure that you reach a wide audience.

Sharing online

  • Post the link on your own social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) with a note about why your campaign is important and a clear call to action. 

  • Send the link directly to friends, family and colleagues via email, text message, WhatsApp or social media messenger services (e.g. Facebook Messenger). Make sure to express to them how important it is that they both donate and share the page.

  • Target online groups or forums who are interested in your issue and share your page by posting it publicly and by direct messaging those who run the groups. For example: junior doctors raising money to fight unfair contracts used Facebook groups for doctors to share their page. Or a case about maternity discrimination might use a forum like Mumsnet to promote the campaign to other women.

  • Important: Ask close friends or family to help with the above steps! Ask them to be part of your promotion team so that you can access their networks too.

Sharing offline

  • Talk about your campaign! Tell your friends in person or over the phone, mention it to colleagues or in any meetings of community groups you might be part of. Ensure that you have an easy-to-remember CrowdJustice link that you can tell people about.

  • Contact the press about your campaign so that they can help with spreading the word. Local press works well or find journalists who write specifically about your issue. You can download our Press guide in your  Case Owner Dashboard.

  • Attend community meetings or protests with others who care about issues related to yours.

  • Print flyers with your CrowdJustice link to give out to friends, neighbours in your local community. Ask local businesses if they will host some of your flyers.

Making the most of social media

You can find our guide to using social media for online fundraising in your Case Owner Dashboard.

Help! My post is not sharing correctly on social media.

Sometimes social media sites do not update quickly enough and they may display a placeholder image (usually the CrowdJustice logo) instead of your chosen image when you post your page. If this happens you can resolve this easily:

Not sure where to find or how to edit your CrowdJustice link? Find out here.

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