Welcome to CrowdJustice; the award-winning platform for funding legal issues.

Below you'll find our step-by-step guide to setting up your public CrowdJustice page. You can also check out this video tutorial from our Head of Campaigns, Matthew.

Signing up to CrowdJustice

You can begin the sign-up process by clicking on 'Need funding?'

We'll need some details about you, so we can contact you about your campaign. Please enter the email you use most often. You'll also be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions.

You'll then be asked which type of fundraising campaign you'd like to use—public or private. If you're not sure, you can ask your lawyer, and read more about Public v Private fundraising here.

Creating your campaign

Once you've selected public, you can start adding more information about your campaign.

We've got an easy four step process.

1.Build your page

This should be short, memorable and to the point. Can you sum up your campaign in one sentence?

Tell your story
This is where you'll lay out the background to your legal matter, explain why it's important people support you, and how much money you need to raise.

You can read some more advice about how to create a great case page in your Case Owner Dashboard.

2. Campaign Details

Edit your case-page link

Your CrowdJustice link is crucial to your campaign - it is the link to your CrowdJustice page that you will need to share in order to spread the word. It allows your Backers to find, share and donate to your page.

We've put together a helpful guide, which you can read here.

Launch date

Here you can choose a date and time that you would like your campaign to be open for donations on CrowdJustice. We recommend launching in the morning, so you can utilise the whole day to gain early momentum. It's worth bearing in mind, that your page will not go live until we have approved it. So if the date comes and goes, not to worry - your case will not automatically be live!


Choosing a target can seem tricky, but we've put together some brilliant guides for you to help! It's always worth having a chat with your lawyer about how much money you need to raise; is there a minimum amount needed to move forward, or is any amount of money helpful?

A guide to setting your funding target

3. Verification

Where should I send funds? 

Unless you are raising funds for a legal matter for a registered charity or non-profit (more on that here) the funds will need to be sent to your lawyer's client account. You don't need to send us those details, we will reach out to your lawyer directly to request them.

Photo ID 

We need this so that we can complete our due-diligence checks. They will not be shared with any third-party. If you don't have photo ID, please contact our support team in the messenger below.

4 Preview - time to submit! 

This is where you'll see a preview of what your Backers will see when they visit your page. Once you're happy with how it looks, and your lawyer has signed-off on your page, hit submit and we'll be in touch!

As a default, you will need to pick a time at least 24 hours in the future, but if you want to start raising funds before that, get in touch with us through the messenger in the right hand corner of the page!

Happy fundraising! 

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